Morning lemon, ginger & honey water

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Make your mornings brighter. Flush out toxins and shine bright like a diamond.
Your skin will love it! Your tummy will love it! …and if you are dieting it will cleanse the system and help you lose weight.
Have a glass first thing in a morning and see, feel the difference!

Morning lemon, ginger & honey water


makes 2

500-600 ml water
10 slices fresh ginger,
1/2 lemon, without peel
2-4 tbsp clear honey

In a hob place water, ginger and lemon and gently simmer for 15 minutes.
Strain and place water in a glass. Let it cool down a bit and add honey.
Best drank lukewarm.

Alternatively boil ginger in the water and then just add 1/2 lemon juice  and mix. This way it will be less lemony.

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